Luthier Martin Blackwell Nomex doubletop No. 157 – Canada

This wonderful classical guitar from the luthier Martin Blackwell has found a new home.

We just received this No.157 which features Nomex instead of Balsa. This guitars  has the same top combination – cedar/nomex/ cedar than the one that Gabriel Bianco – GFA winner is playing. Once again, the guitar offers lots of musicality, creamy trebles and deep bass. We will have some video of this n. 157 only mid november. So to keep you waiting we have put the one of the last guitar that we had from Martin. 

Everytime we receive a new Martin Blackwell guitar, that is for us a event: his guitars are so good that many concertist players are playing with his guitars. Our latest Martin Blackwell have been purchased by the last 2 winners of the Seville competition.

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