Classical guitars previously sold

It is always interesting to have a look at our previously sold guitars and watch moslty the videos of the past sold guitars.. That will help you to compare and have a view of tthe consistency/evolution of the luthier works. There is not one guitar identical and the differences between 2 to 3 year old guitars versus new ones could be important since the luthiers always test and make small changes in their building process.

Previously sold classical guitars

New one arriving October 2019
Sold next on December
Sold next one January 2020
Sold next one January
Sold new one April 2020
Sold next one December
Sold new one in December
Sold Next one August 2020
Sold next one March 2020
Sold next one 2021
New one March 2020 contact us to hold her
Sold next one early 2020
Sold next December
New one coming April 2019
Next one Sept 2018
New one planned in January 2019
Sold brand new one in December