Ludovic Michel plays Milonga de mis amores for the Little Library Concerts

The Little Library Concerts are happy to present Ludovic Michel.

Ludovic Michel graduated from the famous musical School in Paris – the CNSM Alexandre Lagoya class – , he gives recital concerts all over the world, the last one was in Hong-Kong this summer where he performed theAranjuez Concerto. In addition to his recital concerts, Ludovic is the manager of a fantastic Tango orchestra TANGUISSIMO.

To perfom concert recital and as well play with his Orchestra Tanguissimo, Ludovic needed a powerful guitar which could be very easy to play and sounding as well as his old Friederich. Ludovic choose a year ago in our showroom a 2017 guitar from our Korean luthier Young Seo.

For your pleasure, Ludovic chooses to perform hos own arrangement of a Tango from Laurenz Milonga de mis amores.


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