New arrivals

The new arrivals of the month : lattice, double-top or traditional luthier classical guitars.

We receive many luthier classical guitars every month. As some of you notice some of them are already sold or on hold when they arrive in our shop. So following the arrival planning is very important to pick your dream guitar. Every month, we publish as well the list of the pending orders in the tube. Some of our luthiers have a waiting list of several years and they do us a favor by supplying us with a new guitar. So here are the new arrival of the month:

What does Philippe like about ...

In addition to our long review video where Philippe plays all the notes of the guitars, here are some 2-minutes videos to quickly answer to question that players ask to Philippe. Most of them want to know what Philippe likes in a particular guitar … short and fast answers. Send us all your questions !

The showroom of the classical guitars