Guitar maker John Price

Australian guitar maker , John Price incorporates both traditional and modern elements into his guitars, with results that have won him him well-know players such as Jorge Morel,  Krzysztof Pelech, Rene Izquierdo, Elina Chekan, Ricardo Cobo, Jorge Caballero,  Ricardo Iznaola, Ignacio Barcia, Jason Behr, Muriel Anderson, Anthony Bez,  Candice Mowbray, George Benson, Andy Summers (the Police).

john price luthier

John specialized in making an arched, braceless-back guitar, designed to maximize strength and allow for better air flow inside the sound-box to enhance the projection of the instrument markedly.

His craftsmanship has its roots in cabinet-making where he worked for many years. His early guitars were based on models of Jose Romanillos, Ignacio Fleta and Robert Bouchet. Then John was inspired by the ‘Australian School of guitar making’ after attending a guitar festival in Darwin. He spent some time with Eugene Philip who in his own colourful way described some of his methods and ideas.

He succeed to get a good supplies of Brazilian rosewood and Tasmanian Blackwood for the back and sides.

His guitar are heavier than traditional guitar but much lighter than many lattice braced guitars. his latest development is to split the saddle into two separate parts so they can be angled independently much like the design of an electric guitar. This improves the guitar’s intonation and enhances the harmonic content.

‘My soundboard could be regarded as overly thick, in lattice-braced terms, but it is my firm belief that if all of the parts within a guitar work well together, using the best materials and extreme attention to detail, then the instrument as a whole simply has to benefit. And the lattice is such a wonderful support and a mechanical enhancer, or even energizer if you like, for the sound board, which is the heart and soul of the guitar.