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Dan Kellaway fan braced concert classical guitar – Australia

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Traditional bracing classical guitar
Top : Spruce Engleman top
Back and sides : walnut rosewood
Neck : Spanish cedar
FingerboardTouche : ebony
Tuners : schaller
stringlength : 65 cm
Weight :
Armrest :


An Australian fan-braced classical guitar which is not at all traditionnal but inspired with by the modern guitars. This classical guitar offers a big sound with a very elegant string separation. Dan Kellaway really succeed in creating a right mix between tradition and modernity.



Dan Kellaway is a great guitarmaker who knows perfectly in detail how Lattice classical guitars work. He has developped however a 'traditionnal' classical guitar which as a result is considered by our team as one of our best classical guitar.

Here is the comment of Dan on his fan braced classical guitar : 'my Fan braced classical guitar is a development based on a traditional design but enhanced with a modern approach to soundboard construction. The Engelman's Spruce soundboard provides the best range of colour covering the full range from bright to dark.
It also uses back and sides made in traditional form but constructed to maintain the most even response across the entire range. My aim here is to produce a concert instrument that sings with the familiar tones of the great traditional Spanish classical guitars but with more volume and playability '

This classical guitar has a huge definition with mellow treebles and a perfect balance with bass. Everything is very articulate and cristal clear. A unique opportunity to get a fantastic guitar which still remains affordable.