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Technical info

Guo Yulong double-top concert classical guitar – China

Double top concert guitar
Top : double top with nomex and traditional bracing no lattice
Back and sides : Indian rosewood with one sound port
Neck : Spanish cedar
FingerboardTouche : Ebony
Tuners :
stringlength : 65 cm
Weight :
Armrest :


For once China is offering us a true luthier :  Master Guo Yulong who is making  guitars himself in his workshop with the help of  2 assistants. His guitars are in no way double-top copy but there are  100 percent created and made by him. Everything is there :  power, flexibility, creamy trebles, balance .. and in addition comfort… at a price which made in China. A true concert guitar.


China has a real know-how in low price and medium price guitar making  with more than 80% of study guitars made in China. However there are some high quality luthiers and Guo Yulong is one of them. His guitars are perfectly handcraft and have exceptional sound qualities. He produces two types of double-tops, one with a lattice - but without carbone - bracing the other one with a traditional fan bracing than we have specially selected.

The ones we have chosen are very close from a traditional guitar but with enhanced colors and playbility. The trebles are fruity and the basses warm and punchy.

Forget you idea about Chinese guitars and come and try these ones.. you will be more than surprised.

May 2013 : Guo Yuolonfg 2 guitars available