Just arrived the new Balsa double-top from Martin Blackwell

We just received a new Double-top from Martin Blackwell : the n° 135 is using Balsa instead of Nomex like the new Matthias Dammann. The results is amazing, the same thickness, the same loudness but with a little bit of brightness in the notes.  This double-top produces  fat and creamy notes and as well a long sustain with huge overtones,  the sustain is long. A must.

Just arrived a new spruce double-top from Dake Traphagen

After a cedar double-top guitar, we comissionned Dake to build for us a spruce top. This one is as good as the cedar top but with the spruce top sound caracteristics  which bring a nice string separation. The guitar is still a warm sounding guitar. The spruce top with the rosette is wonderful. Listen to our video to discover Dake’s guitars.

A great Kohno in perfect condition

A great Masura Kohno in perfect condition (repolished by Romuald Provost). This 1974 corresponds to the middle of the range of Masura Kohno of that time. Sound is open, clear with a lot of overtones. A great opportunity  for a concert guitar at a small price.

Just arrived surely le best lattice guitar from Greece

We have the chance to have a classical guitar from the best luthier from Greece making wonderful lattice guitar : Giannis Palaiodimopoulos. Giannis has been making guitar since 1988 and numerous concert players have choosen his fabulous guitars. Loud, with a huge string separation and very thick trebles. A very charming guitar which more importantly provide a lot of pleasure for the players.

Newly arrived one of the best German double-top

Reza is a German luthier who makes ‘Dammann style’ double-top guitar which are among the greatest. We had the chance to compare his guitar with a 2015 Dammann and really we have been amazed by the quality of Reza’s guitars.

The new 2016 has been sold the same day the guitar arrived. The next one will be for April 2017.

We are proud to list one of the most gifted Australian classical  guitar makers. Zbigniew combines a modern Australian lattice design with the traditional European craftsmanship. His classical guitars are played by famous concertists such as Costas Cotsilis (Greece), Rafael Aguirre Minarro (Spain), Artyon Dervoed (Russia), Alen Garagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal), Guilherme Vinces (Brazil) and Krzytof Pelech(Poland).

Newly arrival October , available for sale

Ian Kneipp is one of the few luthier who worked and learned how to make lattice classical guitars with Greg Smallman. As one can expect his guitar are very close to Greg guitar. Loud and warm with a strong string separation. Greg guitars are dream guitars, Ian guitars as well!

This classical guitar N° 101 spruce top 2016 Available In stock

The Progresso n°101 2016 model is a spruce top double top based on the Portentosa design specially made for those who cannot afford the Evolution or the Grande Furioso Portentosa. As always in these cases, the classical guitars made always offer a fantastic ratio price for money: same sound quality, same know-how, same attention to details.

Available in stock a new 2016 cedar top

Stanislaw Partyka is a luthier who is making wonderful concert  classical guitars. His classical  guitars are inspired by the Australian classical guitar school – Marty, Gnatek, Redgate,..- and produce a huge volume. The Craftsmanship is exquisite. We just got  his 2016  new cedar top classical guitar : an incredible guitar !

New arrival septembre 2016, in stock available for sale

Last spruce classical guitar from Dan Kellaway  was a killer .. we have ordered a cedar top which should  even better. Dan Kelleway lattice classical guitar are one of kind, an in-between a Greg Smallman and a Simon Marty. A true discovery.

Available in stock

Viktor Fogas produces very supricing lattice guitars which are amazingy light for a lattice guitar  1.6kg and with spruce top all braced with wood –  no carbone. The craftmanship is exquisite. The sound is loud despite the lightliness of the guitar. High quality at a very soft price below 3900€ including Tax. To be discovered.

available in stock

A nice opportunity to acquire a very good 1856 Torres copy made by one of the most gifted American luthier. The overall condition is good. The 64 cm offers a great easyness for a sweet sound. It comes with its original custom arched hardshell case. It plays, looks and sounds beautiful.

Available for sale in stock

This n°70  semi-concert classical  guitars from the luthier Graham caldersmith has been made for players who always wanted to have a true Caldersmith concert classical  guitar but who didn’t have the chance to be fortunate enough. There are some slight construction differences such as for instance a flat back instead of an arched back, but the sound qualities remain at a very high level. An incredible classical guitar with a big voice and warm and creamy trebles and lots of medium .. at a lower price.

Newly arrived a pure Australian guitar with an amazing sound quality !

Allan Bull is making classical guitar in Tasmania Australia. His guitars are true Australia guitars and bared all the caracteristics of Australian guitars. Heavy body, arched-back very thin top.. however his guitars present a lot of unique innovations which as a result make his guitar among the very best australian guitar we have played. String separation, big voice, warm tone !

Newly arrived, available for sale

Jeroen Hilhorst is a fanstastic luthier : making doubletop with a unique philosophy aiming at producing a huge sound with the best tonal quality. Whereas doubletop are usually very light, his doubletops are heavy with a body made in a view to favor the top to vibrate. This new n°118 is the latest Superconcert model of Jeroen with a rounder shape. A great guitar

this Trahpagen has been sold, next one should arrives in October.

There are few guitar makers in the US making double-top guitars, Dake Traphagen is one of the first and is making fine double-tops which are played by famous concertists. Like the German guitar makers, Dake produces double-tops which are very balanced with a warm sound and a wonderful craftmanship. Listen to our video to discover Dake’s guitars.

The Portentosa Grande Furioso revisited lattice-braced, on order

“The Unsurpassable”, treasured for over thirty years of Dieter Hopf and used over a twelve year period as a “Furioso” by many soloists, has been renewed and reworked once again. New changes in the construction of the body enhance the tried and true basic concept of the instrument by allowing for a greater degree of tonal diversity and variety of sound.

Sold, next one in July

Jeroen Hilhorst is a fanstastic luthier : making doubletop classical guitars with a unique philosophy aiming at producing a huge sound with the best tonal quality. We have the chance to offer to compare the cedar top and the spruce top.. this cedar 111 as one could expect has more medium than the spruce.. to be discovered.

This new Marty has found a new home.

We are proud to offer you a brand new classical guitar from one of the most famous guitarmarker from Australia. This is a rare oppportunity to acquire a brand new Simon Marty . Simon Marty classical  guitars are among the most popular Australia classical guitars played by concertists after Smallmann but before Redgate.


A Mint Masaki Sakurai Maestro – RF : surely one of the best Japanase classical concert guitar. Masaki makes two guitar ranges : one under the name Sakurai Kohno which are inpired from  his uncle Masaru Kohno models and one under his own name which includes his latest innovations. This Maestro classical guitar is his best model : loudness and balance with the typical japanes sound.

Sold, next one is due to arrive in December

The famous Portentosa has been declined under the lattice format by Dieter Hopf. This new Portentosa called Evolucion represents the achievement in terms of lattice  classical guitarmaking : power, musicality, balance and confort. If all the Portentosa models looks the same, this Evolution is a true revolution in terms of lutherie. A fantastic instrument!

This Marty classical guitar has been sold, contact us to get information on the next one to come

The Simon Marty classical guitars are so good that it is very uncommon to get a preowned guitar. This one is in close to Mint condition and has the magical sound of the Simon Marty –  all the Simon Marty classical guitars are very consistant. This 2008 has the huge string seperation and the cristal-clear treebles, with the magnificent basses.

This n° 357 has been sold, next one due to arrive in April 2017

We just received this n° 357 with a spectaculare myrtle wood. This lattice classical guitar is even better than the ones we had before. John is always making slight improvements designed to maximise strength and allow better airflow inside the soundbox to enhance the projection of the instrument markedly. It has a ‘focusing’ effect on the classical guitar’s overall sound, and minimizes the dampening effect when the classical  guitar is held too close to the body.

the n 105 new Concert Caldersmith guitar has been sold, next one schduled for June 2017

Just arrived n° 105 :a rich sound, a broad sound range, powerful bass notes, resonant high notes and outstanding playing comfort. The guitar-making quality and wood essences are often spectacular. These classical guitars are regularly used by a large number of concert artistes..Just have a look at the videos of this n°105.

This wonderful Regdate has found a new home. Contact us to be informed on the next ones

For once, a rare classical guitar from Jim Redgate featuring a Master grade Spruce top, sound port on the bridge, Baljak tuners and of course the magical sound of Jim guitars. This 2010 is in a very good condition and belonged to a well-known french player Emmanuel Rossfelder.

This classical guitar has found a new home.

We have been waiting two years to get a classical guitar from luthier Paul Sheridan. This lattice classical guitar is beyond our expectation : a huge lattice classical guitar offering a huge fruity and  round sound, big basses with a lot of colors. Among the best guitar we ever had.

Sold, next one due to arrive in May

A lattice classical guitar made by a French luthier. Régis Sala is a french luthier who is building classical guitars in the pure French traditional classical guitar making. However, Régis has decided to build for us a lattice classical guitar which could have both of the best world of lattice and traditional guitars. The result is amazing : long sustain and warm tone.

This O'leary has been sold, the next one is planned for April 2017

Alec and Michael O’Leary workshop is located nearby in Milford Carlow in the Irish countryside but their guitars are all over the world in the hands of famous players such as Bertas Rojas or Sharon Isbin. Loud and beautiful with a wonderful color tone.

This wonderful Greg Smallman guitar has been sold, contact us to get information on the next ones

A rare opportunity to get a 2014 Greg Smallman and sons concert classical guitar. Everything has been said on Greg’s guitars. His guitars remain the number one guitar played by concertist. This one is warm, powerful, and balance. A dream to play. Close to new condition.

Sold : this classical guitar n°351 has found a new home

We commissioned John to build a very special classical guitar with a fantastic myrtle wood for the back and side. we loved so much his last cedar top than we ordered the same top. The result is beyond our expectations : great beauty and wonderful musicality. John has insert a tasmanian wood on addition in the back.

Sold : this n° 352 has found a new home

John Price specializes in making an arched, braceless back guitar, designed to maximise strength and allow better airflow inside the soundbox to enhance the projection of the instrument markedly. It has a ‘focusing’ effect on the classical guitar’s overall sound, and minimizes the dampening effect when the classical  guitar is held too close to the body. This 352 is an true example of John’s work.

Very rare double-top, available for sale

Very rare, a wonderful fully restaured early romantic guitar from Pierre Marcard from 1830 /40 which has an amazing additional top just in the middle of the guitar. This ‘early double-top’ was made to increase the guitar sound – and that is really a success : the sound is thicker than the usual romantic guitar sound. A must for those who want to play the 19th century guitar piece on a perfect romantic guitar from a famous master.

This wonderful guitar has found a new home. Contact us to be informed on the next in 2017

Andreas double-top classical guitars are unique : the double-top classical guitars usually produce a round and warm sound with a huge projection and less sustain: Andreas Spruce/spruce double-top offers wonderful complexity with a full range of tone color, the string separation is unique and the basses remains dark and round.

Jesse Moore is a young guitarmaker who made his classes with Simon Marty. This Spruce classical guitar top has been made in Simon marty’s workshop and as you can guess this classical guitar presents many of the qualities of Simon Marty. To be discovered.

Available in stock

A unique copy of the famous decacorde romantic guitar from René Lacôte made by a master Gary Southwell.


Out of the 700 classical guitars that Daniel Friederich has build, the ones of the 80s are amont the best. This one is in close to perfect condition and more importantly, the guitar has all the sound qualities that caracterise Daniel’s guitars.

This wonderful guitar has found a new home. Contact us to be informed on the next one in 2017

A cedar top and stunning south American rosewood guitar from Robin. His classical guitars use an almost carbon-free radial barring and are very similar to the guitars made by Simon Marty,with whom he has perfected this technique. A powerful, very well-balanced tone, premier-quality materials and meticulous guitar-making, with a cristal clear notes and huge string separations.

this Friederich has been sold, contact us to get information on the next ones to come

Daniel Friederich guitars are among the most-sought guitars in the world. The n°162 is an early example of the Friederich guitars. We have been suprised how good  this spruce and Rio rosewood guitar is. This guitar is highly comparable to the Friederich from the 80s. Same projection, same tonal color and in addition the brighness and the precision of spruce and the warm tone of the Rio rosewood.


Out of the 400 classical guitars concert made by Daniel Friederich, the ones made in the 80s and 90s are amongt the best. Here is the chance to get a 1989 Daniel Friederich in a good condition : no repair, no crackfree..

Sold ... contact us to be list on our Friederich wish list.

The Daniel  Friederich classical guitars from the 80’s are among the best Friederich produced.  Daniel classical guitars are now a standard like Steinway for the Piano. Balance, projection and sweetness of the treebles . These classical guitars remain unique and some of the most highly searched classical guitars. The n° 586 is  maybe one the best Friederich that we had the chance to play.

This classical guitar has found a new home.

Available for sale : Christian Koehn is a young luthier from Berlin – Germany- who build amazing traditional classical guitars which are as powerful as a DT or a lattice. His guitars include an innovative turnavoz  inspired by the bass-relex system on the upper side which brings sustain and warm colors. One the best traditional guitar  for sure.

this Friederich has been sold, contact us to get information on the next ones to come

Searching for a nice Daniel Friederich classical guitar from the 80’s is not easy. Lot of them have some small damages and repairs, so when we found this one we have been very happy mostly because of its sound quality and as well its very good condition. It sings like a Friederich of course.

this guitar has found a new home

An Australian fan-braced classical guitar which is not at all traditionnal but inspired with by the modern guitars. This classical guitar offers a big sound with a very elegant string separation. Dan Kellaway really succeed in creating a right mix between tradition and modernity.